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Explainer videos for your website, social media and marketing channels

An explainer video is a fun, visual and engaging way to explain your product, service or idea to your website visitors or social media targets. research has shown that over 80% of the buying process is based on someone’s gut-feel, or emotions. With a great script and visuals, we help you trigger these buying emotions. Most printed magazines go in the bin at the end of the month when the next edition comes out. This is not the case with explainer videos; you can reuse them, repackage them in long or short versions, and across different social media and web platforms. It will never go in the bin. Below we look at some of the many ways an explainer video can help you get more from your online marketing campaigns and connect with your customers.


Social media and Facebook / Twitter

It is almost impossible to ignore Twitter and Facebook. Growing year on year, they offer huge advertising potential by allowing you to show or explain your product or service using an explainer video. Text ads are becoming less and less effective as people develop ‘banner blindness’, as the eyes scan a page quickly and subconsciously. Determining what they want to focus on, they often skip over obvious text-only Ads. Video allows you to grab their attention. There are a few different styles we produce, all with slightly different uses. We discuss these below.


Whiteboard animations

Showing a hand sketching and drawing a visual idea and/or images on a fresh, white sheet of paper, this style of animation is ideal when you are trying to communicate a more complicated idea and keeping visual information minimalist. This has the effect of keeping the viewer focused on the essential elements you are trying to convey.


Mobile App videos

Such a high proportion of website traffic comes from mobile devices and tablets that it is hard to ignore. There is an App available on the Android or Apple store for practically everything you could ever need. A mobile app can give a slick and easy way to interact with your company. Our explainer videos can be fully integrated with your App to help people understand how to use and get the most from it.


Infographics and powerpoint alternatives

Many of the animations we produce involve taking complicated concepts and make them easily understood on the screen. Let’s face it – no-one is going to buy a product or service if they aren’t sure in their own mind and completely clear about what they are buying. Recent examples we have worked on include a collection of explainer videos for a life insurance / legal client. We took the complicated legal concepts and worked with the client, simplifying the concepts into easily digestible and visual journeys that anyone could understand.

Other benefits of using explainer videos in your website, social media and marketing

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    Better Google rankings

    Video has been shown to push a website up the Google rankings, further increasing your online presence. Create your own YouTube branded channel, embed on your website – the possibilities are endless.

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    Increased sales

    80% tof the buying process is emotional. Turn your visitors into buyers with a catchy, targeted explainer video, taking them down the sales funnel drawing and helping them to make the buying decision about your product or service.

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    Explain your products

    Grab people’s attention and get your message across quickly and effectively.

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    Build trust and win more customers

    Explainer videos can be used to reach on many platforms to help you engage and build trust with your customers.

How it works

A dedicated account manager will work with you throughout the production of your explainer video, from start through to going live.

  • The animated explainer video production journey begins with a clear understanding of your business objectives, unique selling points and goals.
  • First, we work with you to produce a clear and concise script.
  • Next, we begin sketching a storyboard of each scene, Hollywood style. We manually hand-draw each and every scene and place it on the storyboard alongside each script section.
  • With a draft storyboard now sketched, we work with you to fine-tune it. At this point, we made adjustments to the storyboard sketches and tweaks to the script.
  • It is at this point that the voiceover is recorded. A professional voiceover artist of your choice (we provide a selection, male or female, of any accent) will record the script.
  • The full-colour real versions of each slide in the animation are composed. This is where it gets really exciting as you see your vision in lights. After any adjustments are made, we then move onto the actual animation of these scenes. Depending on the agreed length, this can take anywhere between 1-3 weeks.
  • Your video is ready for upload!
  • As we are also experts at getting websites pushed up the Google rankings we also help guide you on the best way to market and promote your video online. In many cases, creating a YouTube channel for your brand can be beneficial and you can then embed the video straight from YouTube into your website.