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Call Us Now 0333 444 0283

A nice design isn’t enough - boost your visibility and turn your visitors into customers.


We are digital marketing experts and speak your language - without jargon. Working together, we work with customers to help them to not only build a custom and great-looking website. It doesn't end there though - we are also experts at helping you generate online leads and sales around your business goals using Social media and Google Adwords. Call us to find out some of our real-world accomplishments with customers - and we would be happy to let you speak to them, too.

  • Effective websites that work for your business

    It takes more than a nice design. A website has to convert visitors into buyers. We help you from the early stages of building your website through to making it generate leads and sales.

  • Complicated system projects undertaken

    We undertake system project development for all business sizes, from blue-chip through to small and medium-sized businesses. We deliver on time and to specification.

  • Working in partnership with you

    As a business owner, you know your business inside-out. We understand the online part. Together, we work with you in partnership to bring the two together to make the Internet work for you.


We have been building professional website and business solutions since 2003.

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    We are a leading web design company covering the north and south of the UK

    • Website design and e-Commerce solutions

      For us, understanding your business goals is one of the most critical steps. Next, comes the design. A website is unique to your business and is often the first place that a new or existing client comes to get in touch. Before the design aspect even begins, we do a thorough fact-find and brainstorm with you to ensure we match your new website to the branding and needs of your business.

      Once someone gets to your website, it is essential that they are guided into taking an action; this might be in the form of completing a contact form or placing an order. Whether you need an E-Commerce online shop, a fresh new website for your business or help getting it found - we can help.

    • Explainer videos for websites and business

      Bring your website alive with an explainer video for your business. Increasingly, society is demanding quick answers and solutions as people move towards watching and listening rather than reading lots of text. An explainer video solves this problem, engaging the viewer visually. Use it for impact on social media, YouTube and your website.

      There are many styles of explainer video, including full colour, whiteboard animations, mobile app videos and engaging infographics. We produce explainer videos for a diverse range of businesses and industries.

    • Get your website found online - we make it easy

      Whether you need Google Adwords help, social media services, or help to push your website higher in the Google rankings we can help. We understand one solution doesn't necessarily fit all. We explain everything in an easy, actionable and structured way. What really counts is getting visitors to your website and taking action. We then help you understand the results in black and white.

      If you are already trying, but struggling with the deceptively simple yet complex Google Adwords system get in touch. We are experts at analysing and then chopping your current click costs, improving your Adwords quality score and increasing your click-through rate.

    • Complex solutions designed and built

      We work with all sizes of business from small through to blue-chip organisations, on-time and to budget. Many systems have complex dependencies and we can also integrate 3rd party systems to your website and build mobile apps across multiple platforms. We specialise in creating applications and mobile apps and stay ahead of the latest technology across devices.

      For us, detailed planning is everything before a single line of code is written. We work to understand your requirements and bring them to life in both online desktop and mobile applications. Get in touch to find how we might be able to help.

    Get in touch on 0333 444 0283 to find out more about how we can help your company.

    We always love to speak to clients, both new and existing. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and brainstorm any ideas.

    Your Website hosting – safe with us

    All of our client websites run on state-of-the-art high-speed hosting servers, with only Digital Flair customers hosted on our servers. For the technically-minded, our servers are built using S3-D4610 Enterprise-grade Intel Drives with RAID 10 drive failure redundancy. The memory in our servers is a whopping 128GB of RAM, coupled with a 48-core processor setup, LiteSpeed cache and CloudLinux, allowing you to run any version of PHP you need for your application. For the less technically interested customer, whether you need bespoke applications or high server dependency software such as the Magento shopping cart, you can rest assured that your website will load lightning fast.

    • Your website is hosted exclusively on a high-speed Digital Flair client server

    • Restore a backup of your website with the click of a mouse

    • Your website is safe. All websites are backed up 4 x per day, 24 x 7

    • Website backups are kept off-site in our state-of-the-art server facility, plus independent routing network redundancy.

    • SSD RAID 10 servers with CloudLinux, LiteSpeed caching, 48 processors, 128Gb RAM and more

    • 24 x 7 monitoring on server hardware and your website